Online Courses

Unlock your Inner Psychic

3 week online course

This program offers the opportunity to:

*Understand the psychic perceptions and which ones are your strengths.

*Identify and remove subconscious beliefs blocking your connection.

*Be confident in connecting with your psychic centres and how to activate and strengthen them.

*Know how to read energy and work with the psychic perceptions to receive messages with ease.

*Understanding Ego vs. Truth and how to get clear.

*Clarity around you preferred method of working with your inner psychic.

During this 3 week program you will unlock and explore your individual psychic abilities, strengthen your connection with Spirit, expand beyond your on limitations, and grow to a new level of wisdom and understanding within self. 

All in a fun, safe and supportive online group space.


Deep Dive into Self

3 week Online course

This Program offers the opportunity to:

* Strengthen your psychic skills and explore your psychic potential

*Deepen your awareness of your authentic self.

*Get clear on what holds you back and move through it.

*Understand your emotional drivers.

*Identify the next layer of limiting beliefs, conditioning and programming that is reducing your capacity to experience the truth of your being.


*Changing your money story.

*Identify Negative Life Patterns and their emotions and learn how to facilitate their release.

*Getting clear on how to use the Universal mirror of reflection to facilitate your own transformation.

*Exploring the energies of forgiveness, self-worth, self-love, confidence and self-judgment.

*Healing the inner child.

*New tools for insight and healing

These courses are currently run in group environment throughout the year.

Check events page for the next commencement dates,
or email, to register your interest.

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